The Indian Craftsman (Vol. 1, No. 4)

Carlisle, PA
May 1909
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This issue, which commemorates the Commencement Exercises of the Class of 1909, featured speeches highlighting the success of Indian education. Francis E. Leupp, in his address, among many things spoke on the success of the arts at Carlisle. He was followed by Moses E. Clapp, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Clapp shared "some secrets of success." Charles D. Carter, spoke on the history of his people and provided a "Indian perspective." President of Dickinson College, Dr. George Reed, praised the school and its students. In his speech he included a recitation of a poem. Carrol S. Page, member of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, spoke on the duty of the Indian in becoming citizens of the United States. Next, appeared an article, by J. B. Moore, on the Navajo. Lastly, the commencement exercises were printed, which included the Baccalaureate services, a performance of a comic opera, the graduation and presentation of diplomas, the inspection of the school, a handicap track meet, the reception, and alumni banquet. Also included was a list of guests and graduates. 

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