Inspection Report on Academic and Industrial Departments

February 7 - August 26, 1916

Supervisor of Schools H. B. Peairs' report on the Academic and Industrial Departments at Carlisle focuses on methods of instruction (i.e. too much written work), attendance, industrial department trades, outings of trade students, agriculture, domestic departments (cooking, sewing, laundering, home training and nursing), religious organizations, literary societies, library, graduates, and former students. Peairs also includes sample class schedules.

Other documents consist of a discussion of Peairs' report and the changes that Carlisle Superintendent Oscar H. Lipps intends to make based on Peairs' suggestions. This includes correspondence from Lipps, Commissioner of Indian Affairs Cato Sells, Assistant Commissioner E. B. Meritt, and Chief Clerk in Charge of Carlisle C. V. Peel.

Also included are a "Pre-Vocational Industrial Details for March and April 1916," which lists which students are in each building or trade, and an example card that shows “the present method of keeping account” of students’ time at their jobs.

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RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #17773-1916-Carlisle-810
Inspection Report on Academic and Industrial Departments