Closure of the Carlisle Indian School

July 9, 1918 - February 14, 1940

These materials include correspondence, official records, and other documents related to the closure of the Carlisle Indian School in 1918. Discussed topics include the transfer of the land from the Department of the Interior to the Department of War, the transfer of property to other Indian schools, and the discharge and transfer of students and employees.

The Carlisle Indian School was officially transferred to the Department of War on September 1, 1918, for use as U.S. Army Base Hospital #31. The entire closure process occurred between July 9 and September 1, 1918, during which time the majority of the included documents were created. 

Many of these documents were originally classified by the Bureau of Indian Affairs under different call numbers. When the files were combined, a new single number was assigned by the Bureau. These files were originally divided into two parts by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and then were later divided into five folders reflecting those two parts by the National Archives and Records Administration.


Part 1.1: Transfer and Sale of Land, Transfer of Property

Part 1.2: Transfer of Land, Transfer of Property, Transfer of Students, Notice of Closure for School Agents, Proposal of Closure of School

Part 2.1: Transfer of Property, School Finances

Part 2.2: Transfer of Property

Part 2.3: Property List at Closure, Transfer of Property

National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #61812-1918-Carlisle-131
Closure of the Carlisle Indian School