Please note: This content is of a sensitive nature and reveals information about death and burial, which some readers may find troubling. Our aim is to provide access to this historical documentation in a respectful manner. Please see our Research Methodology page for more information about our process.

Introduction to Cemetery Information

The Cemetery Information resource is a compilation of data and a variety of primary sources about each person buried in the Carlisle Indian School cemetery. Use the table below to find information on each person interred, including the date of decease, plot location, and primary documents regarding the death and burial. Search through our collection of additional content for more information on the cemetery, including an aerial map, a comparative table, and resources on the history of the cemetery.

This resource was created in response to a number of requests for detailed information about the cemetery of the Carlisle Indian School, using information from various repositories including the National Archives and Records Administration, the Cumberland County Historical Society, and Dickinson College. The information presented here is only as reliable as that recorded in the original documents, and as such may be prone to change as additional information is shared or discovered. See our Research Methodology documentation to learn more about the process of gathering and presenting this information.

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Additional Information

Discover more information about the Carlisle Indian School cemetery with the following interactive content:

Explore the Modern Cemetery: Interactive Map

Use this aerial map of the Carlisle Indian School cemetery to find the location of each headstone (between 1927 and July 2017), and information on the person buried in that plot.

Compare Headstones and Records: Tables

These downloadable tables, representing information accurate between 1927 and July 2017, show the information presented on each headstone with the same information as found in the records from the Carlisle Indian School.

Resources for Cemetery History

This section includes maps of the original and modern Carlisle Indian School cemeteries, a brief history of the cemetery, and citations for further reading.

Cemetery Information

Modern Plot Name Nation Date of Death
Repatriated Anastasia Achwack Alaskan, Alaskan (Aleut) June 19, 1904
D-23 Katie Helen Adams Crow August 17, 1903
C-28 Della T. Aitkens Shoshone, Shoshone (Nevada) December 25, 1900
C-10 Albert Seminole April 21, 1881
Repatriated Alvan (One That Kills Horse) Sioux March 29, 1882
D-39 Edward Angalook Alaskan, Alaskan (Eskimo) September 24, 1905
B-24 Ezra Anigoon (An-i-goon) Apache May 30, 1889
C-40 Eva Anosaien Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) July 31, 1888
B-04 Martha Anton Pima September 5, 1895
B-13 Wade Ayres Catawba January 18, 1904
C-32 Florence Barnett (Co-te-quah) Ottawa July 5, 1888
C-30 Guy Basket (Basket) Apache, Apache (Tonto) August 30, 1885
A-10 Boise Bassford Paiute April 16, 1892
B-18 Given Bat (Bat) Apache, Apache (San Carlos) March 2, 1888
E-21 George Bears Arm Gros Ventre January 8, 1903
E-09 Ida Bennett Klamath March 18, 1898
F-02 Wallace Berryman Seminole July 12, 1910
D-18 John Bitzclay (Jack) Navajo March 10, 1883
A-22 Frances Bones Comanche May 7, 1895
A-03 Lorenzo Bonito Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) May 25, 1887
A-36 Alida Booth (Ta-pe-na-chin-ah) Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) April 17, 1888
Unknown Solomon Brown Assiniboine July 15, 1894
D-07 John Bull (The Dwarf) Gros Ventre May 7, 1891
Unknown Wilson Carpenter Seneca (Tonawanda), Tonawanda Seneca January 21, 1911
E-02 Lena Carr Pueblo, Pueblo (Queres), Queres, Queres (Laguna), Pueblo (Laguna) June 11, 1887
D-30 Tabitha Carroll Arapaho, Arapahoe February 3, 1893
A-02 Albert Cassadore Apache April 18, 1888
C-33 Fannie Charging Shield Sioux March 7, 1892
D-03 Alfred Charko Wichita December 16, 1882
A-39 Horace Chato (Cha-to) Apache May 26, 1888
A-34 Leonidas Chawa Mission, Mission (San Luisenos) June 24, 1899
A-04 Belle Cohoe Arapaho, Arapahoe April 29, 1890
D-35 Seth Contanito (Con tan ito) Apache July 8, 1887
A-06 James Cornman Sioux, Sioux (White Bird) April 21, 1891
Repatriated Sophy Coulon Oneida January 19, 1893
D-33 Frank Cushing Pueblo, Pueblo (Zuni) July 22, 1881
C-23 Simon Dakosin (Dak-o-sin) Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) June 22, 1888
E-07 Elsie Davis Cheyenne July 16, 1893
C-18 Margaret Davis Chippewa December 31, 1892
C-25 Eva De Zey (Node-con-e-de-zey) Apache, Apache (Tonto) February 22, 1885
A-07 Hannah Dechezin Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) May 4, 1889
E-24 Wilbur Dechezin (De-che-zin) Apache June 9, 1890
A-20 Titus Deerhead (Deer with sore head) Apache, Apache (Tonto) December 17, 1885
Repatriated Dickens (Little Chief) Arapaho, Arapahoe (Northern), Arapahoe, Arapaho (Northern) January 22, 1883
A-27 Kate Dionta Apache May 27, 1889
Repatriated Dora (Her Pipe) Sioux, Sioux (Brule) April 24, 1881
B-10 Rogers Dudzarda (Dud-zar-da) Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) September 9, 1888
B-23 Margaret Edgar Pueblo, Pueblo (Acoma) August 3, 1885
C-17 Basil Ekarden Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) March 20, 1888
Repatriated George Ell Piegan April 7, 1891