The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 36)

Carlisle, PA
April 26, 1889
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The first page opened with a poem "The Printer-Boy Tramp” by Will Carleton, followed by “Encouraging Prospects” about Luther Kuhns at the Pawnee Agency. Next came “A Man Who was not Afraid to Work” on how General Washington set an example for his corporal. Also on the page was an article titled “Easter Eggs in Washington.” Page two contained a report of “The Missionary Meeting” followed by “Genoa School” news. There was also news from James Hiowa (Pueblo) out on a farm, a visit by Miss Hyde, President Harrison’s proclamation, and a notice that Apache and Pueblo contrast photos were available for newspaper subscriptions. Page three included small news briefs that included a visit to Gettysburg, Osage Agency news, the meaning of the initials “M.O.T.B.S.” [Man-on-the-Band-Stand], staff changes, Samuel Townsend (Pawnee) at Marietta College, Easter activities, students suffering with eye problems, the Stevick’s returned from their honeymoon, a gift of a French harp for the music activities, and a push to clean up litter on campus. Page four featured “A Carlisle Boy” about Percy Kable (Cheyenne) at Haskell, as well as “Thanks, Eustace” to Eustace Esapoyhet (Comanche) who ordered a subscription to the Indian Helper. Also included on page four was “Seoul, Corea” [Korea] trivia facts, “Edward Yankton on the Right Track,” “Let us Hope it is a Good Seed” that compared the Indian Helper to sowing good seed, and several small blurbs.

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