Descriptive Statements of Changes in School Employees, July 1900

July 9, 1900

Major Richard Henry Pratt submits a report that lists all of the employees at the school to start the 1900-1901 fiscal year (A. J. Standing, O. H. Bakeless, W. B. Beitzel, W. Grant Thompson, Dennison Wheelock, M. Burgess, A. S. Ely, W. H. Miller, Fannie I. Peter, M. S. Barr, Benjamin F. Bennett, Kate S. Bowersox, Jessie W. Cook, Mariette Wood, Harry F. Weber, Prudence Miles, Florence M. Carter, Jennie P. Cochran, Fanny G Paull, Elizabeth E. Forster, Frank R. Hudson, W. H. Morrett, Nellie V. Robertson, Esther M. Dagenett, Jessie L. McIntire, Sadie E. Newcomer, Clara L. Smith, Margaret Roberts, Jeannette L. Senseney, Rebecca J. Sawyer, Anne H. Stewart, Carrie L. Miller, E. H. Brock, Ella G. Hill, Leo van der May, Ed. W. Harkness, George W. Kemp, Oliver Harlan, James R. Wheelock, C. E. Dagenett, Marion W. De Loss, E. B. Simon, Agnes May Robbins, Lida Jones, Lida C. Sabin, Phil Norman, Joseph N. Jordan, William G. Snyder, George Foulk, George E. Snyder, William B. Gray, Lizzie C. Jacobs, Annie M. Morton, Annie Kowuni, Sara E. Smith, E. Corbett, Mary E. Lininger, Susan Zeamer, Beckie L. Goodyear, Mattie A. Harn, Lizzie James, Jennie Wolf, Ella Albert, Etta S. Fortney, Dora M. Peters, Sine Marie van der May, Sara Pierre, Anna F. Bennett, Samual G. Brown, and Martin Wheelock). The reports include position title and salary.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 1805, 1900-#32848
Descriptive Statements of Changes in School Employees, July 1900