The Images section features photographs, postcards, and different types of artwork, as well as reproductions of images that appeared in newspapers, magazines, and other publications. These images all reflect the Carlisle Indian School students, facilities, and staff. Images available here are drawn from files housed at the U. S. National Archives, from collections of Carlisle Indian School materials housed at various archival repositories, and from a variety of published sources. Visitors to this website are also invited to share copies of photographs from their own personal and family collections; please contact us if you have images you would like to contribute.

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Studio portrait of Thomas Wistar dressed in school uniform.

View of the Assistant Superintendent's Quarters with the family posed on the porch. 

Studio portrait of Jennie Conners probably wearing school uniform. 

The Disciplinarians Quarters on the school grounds, with the Disciplinarian and his family posed on the front porch. 

Studio portrait of Adam McCarty wearing school uniform.

The caption reads: Adam McCarthy

View of the Superintendent's Quarters with two men leaning against the fence in front of the building. 

Studio portrait of Peliza, Paul Big Horse, and Edward Chouteau, all wearing school uniforms.

The Cumberland County Historical Society has four copies of this image: PA-CH1-037a, CS-CH-056, and CS-CH-075.1-.2. 

Studio portrait of an adult man with a male student wearing school uniform. The adult man is probably Johsua Given. 

Studio portrait of a student identified as Alfred.

The caption reads: Alfred - 3

This is probably either Alfred Brown (Cheyenne, 1879-1883) or Alfred Charko (Wichita, 1882-1883), but there is a chance it could be a student named Alfred who attended Carlisle a little later in the 1880s or 1890s. 

Studio portrait of Otto Zotoum wearing school uniform.

White instructor supervising male students in the harness making shop.

Studio portrait of Arnold Woolworth. 

The caption reads: Arnold

Studio portrait of two female students. Previous cataloging by the National Anthropological Archives identified the names Mollie and Lili [?] in the handwritten caption. They are probably Arapaho students Mollie Naalta and Libbie Porter. 

Studio portrait of Tom Torlino wearing native clothing and ornaments.

Note: The Cumberland County Historical Society also has four copies of this image: PA-CH2-004a, BS-CH-008, US-50a, and 12-26-03.

The Hospital building and the Disciplinarian's Quarters. This building replaced the original hospital on the school grounds in 1881.

The Cumberland County Historical Society has three copies of this image: PA-CH1-008, 10A-C-05, and 12-07-05. The caption for 10A-C-05 reads "Hospital, built mainly by Indian apprentices."  

Studio portrait of Justine La Framboise.

Studio portrait of a male student in uniform with a man wearing a white scarf, probably a visitor.

Previous cataloging from the National Anthropological Archives provided a date of 1894 for this image. It is not clear what this was based on. 


Studio portrait of Peter Charko.

The caption reads: Peter Cherco

Studio portrait of ten unidentified male students wearing school uniforms. 

Previous cataloging identifies them as from the Omaha nation. 

Twenty male Omaha students arrived in August of 1882. A portrait of ten of them was taken and identified as such (see Related Images), so it is possible that this group is the other ten students who arrived at that time. 

Studio portrait of two unidentified male students in school uniforms.

Studio portrait of Adam McCarty wearing school uniform.

The caption reads: Adam McCarty

Studio portarit of Baptiste Bayhylle and his son, Louis Bayhylle. Louis is wearing a school uniform. There apperas to be an illegible caption written along the top of the image. 

Studio portrait of Baptiste Bayhylle and his son Louis Bayhylle. Louis is in a school uniform.

Studio portrait of Louis Bighorse.