Northern Arapaho and Shoshone students upon arrival [version 1], 1881

Portrait of nine male students and six female students posed on the steps of the bandstand on the school grounds. They are wearing the clothing they arrived in. The caption says they are Northern Arapahoes who arrived in March 1881. 

Other versions of this image identify them as two Shoshone and thirteen Northern Arapaho students who arrived on March 11, 1881. Two Shoshone students arrived on that date: Willie Norkok and Jimmie McAdams. Thirteen Arapaho students arrived on that date: Mollie Naalta, Dickens, Peter Student, Libbie Porter, Grant, Raleigh, Hayes (Little Plume), Cyrus White Horse, Horace, Summer B. Coal, Lincoln, Garfield W. Moccasin, and William Shakespeare. 


The Cumberland County Historical Society has four copies of this image: PA-CH1-071b, BS-CH-022, 10B-04-04, and 14A-18-05. In the description of one of these images it is stated that these are two Shoshone students and thirteen Arapaho students. 

Time Period
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA