Fifteen female Creek students with teacher, 1881

Portrait of fifteen female students with a female teacher posed in front of and on the bandstand on the school grounds. The caption on the album page identifies them as Creek students who arrived in January 1881. 

The Cumberland County Historical Society and has identified them as: front row, left to right, Elizabeth McIntosh, Rosa Ross, Millie McIntosh, Eliza Chissoe, Ella Moore, Sarah Elizabeth Crowell, Elizabeth McNac, Minnie Atkins; back row, left to right, Eliza Bell, Rachel Checote, Millie Brown, Bessie West, Martha Elizabeth Moore, Nancy McIntosh, and Jane Freeman. These identifications are confirmed by the captions of the copy of the image at the American Philosophical Society.  

A researcher has indicated that the teacher pictured is likely Alice Robertson.

Time Period
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA