Please note: This content is of a sensitive nature and reveals information about death and burial, which some readers may find troubling. Our aim is to provide access to this historical documentation in a respectful manner. Please see our Research Methodology page for more information about our process.

Introduction to Cemetery Information

The Cemetery Information resource is a compilation of data and a variety of primary sources about each person buried in the Carlisle Indian School cemetery. Use the table below to find information on each person interred, including the date of decease, plot location, and primary documents regarding the death and burial. Search through our collection of additional content for more information on the cemetery, including an aerial map, a comparative table, and resources on the history of the cemetery.

This resource was created in response to a number of requests for detailed information about the cemetery of the Carlisle Indian School, using information from various repositories including the National Archives and Records Administration, the Cumberland County Historical Society, and Dickinson College. The information presented here is only as reliable as that recorded in the original documents, and as such may be prone to change as additional information is shared or discovered. See our Research Methodology documentation to learn more about the process of gathering and presenting this information.

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Additional Information

Discover more information about the Carlisle Indian School cemetery with the following interactive content:

Explore the Modern Cemetery: Interactive Map

Use this aerial map of the Carlisle Indian School cemetery to find the location of each headstone (between 1927 and July 2017), and information on the person buried in that plot.

Compare Headstones and Records: Tables

These downloadable tables, representing information accurate between 1927 and July 2017, show the information presented on each headstone with the same information as found in the records from the Carlisle Indian School.

Resources for Cemetery History

This section includes maps of the original and modern Carlisle Indian School cemeteries, a brief history of the cemetery, and citations for further reading.

Cemetery Information

Modern Plot Name Nation Date of Death
A-32 James Shawbush (Shawboose) Chippewa November 6, 1889
D-26 Bishop L. Shield (Sleeps Above) Gros Ventre July 30, 1890
D-29 Lawney Shorty (Shorty) Piegan February 16, 1892
D-15 Corinne Simahtie Pueblo, Pueblo (Acoma), Pueblo (Queres), Queres (Acoma), Queres January 11, 1886
Repatriated Lottie Sireech Ute January 28, 1906
E-01 Frederick Skahsejah (Skah-se-jah) Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) June 3, 1887
D-24 Sara K. Smith (Oh-nie) Shoshone March 12, 1898
C-26 William Snake Ponca January 28, 1883
Unknown Ella Soisewitza (So-is-e-witz-sa) Pueblo, Pueblo (Laguna), Pueblo (Queres), Queres, Queres (Laguna) June 4, 1886
E-11 Lucy Spaulding Alaskan March 25, 1905
E-14 Edward Spott Puyallup April 18, 1896
Repatriated Alice Springer Omaha November 12, 1883
E-12 Mabel Stack Alaskan August 16, 1904
Repatriated Dennis Strikes First Sioux January 19, 1881
A-08 Thomas Suckley Mandan April 16, 1892
Unknown Eunice Suison Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) March 9, 1889
A-01 Neal Suison (Suison) Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) July 5, 1888
D-34 William Summers Cheyenne May 21, 1888
D-02 Reuben Tahpers Cheyenne April 13, 1899
Repatriated Sophia Tetoff Alaskan, Alaskan (Aleut) May 6, 1906
E-19 Tomiclock Alaskan, Alaskan (Eskimo) April 8, 1900
D-21 Minnie Topa Pawnee August 28, 1894
D-08 Edward Upright Sioux, Sioux (Sisseton) May 5, 1881
Repatriated Annie Vereskin Alaskan, Alaskan (Aleut) September 30, 1901
D-01 Wah she he Arapaho, Arapahoe January 29, 1885
Unknown Fred War Bonnet Sioux February 2, 1908
Repatriated Dennison Paull Wheelock Oneida May 14, 1900
A-05 Percy White Bear Cheyenne July 22, 1899
B-03 Charles Whiteshield Cheyenne February 1, 1887
D-38 Delia Williams Chippewa, Chippewa (Michigan) May 2, 1905
E-25 James Wolfe Sac & Fox, Sac & Fox (Oklahoma) September 17, 1904
C-24 Lucia Yai-tsah Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) May 26, 1888
B-12 Aaron Yalosla (Yal-o-sla) Apache August 2, 1888
A-23 Margaret Yates (Na-dah-sthil-ah) Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) December 9, 1894
B-29 Helen Yot-soza Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) April 13, 1888
A-37 Young Eagle Sioux June 28, 1886
A-28 Wendell Young (Big White Man) Sioux, Sioux (Oglala) April 20, 1885
A-12 Penelope Zaen (Zaen) Apache, Apache (Chiricahua) August 27, 1887
C-37 Zonkeuh Kiowa April 27, 1880