Seger, Jaah

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Jaah Seger (Metal) Student Information Card

Student information card of Jaah Seger (Metal), a member of the Arapahoe Nation, who entered the school on February 3, 1881 and departed on September 18, 1883.

Repository: National Archives and Records Administration
The School News (Vol. 2, No. 9)
February 1882

The firsts page what two articles on it. The first was by Johnson Lane about George Washington. The second was above various lost people and animals that the writer had met. Page two opens with Charles Kihega (Iowa) describing his tribe before and after coming under control of the agency....

Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society
Enrolling Cheyenne and Arapaho Students
November 14, 1880

John D. Miles, Agent for the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, tells Richard Henry Pratt that his agency gave students cattle to take care of over vacation. As students did not know about the money and effort involved in caring for the animals, Miles relays a suggestion from John Holmes Seger (from...

Format: Letters/Correspondence
Repository: National Archives and Records Administration
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