The School News (Vol. 2, No. 9)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
February 1882
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The first page had two articles on it. The first was by Johnson Lane about George Washington. The second was about various lost people and animals that the writer had met. Page two opens with Charles Kihega (Iowa) describing his tribe before and after coming under control of the agency. Another article talked about the Northern Arapahoe chief visiting, Charles Kauboodle (Kiowa) returning home due to ill health, and the Disciplinarian, Mr. Campbell, visiting the printing department. Page three had various events and excerpts from students’ diary. One event was Daniel writing his father, the Sioux chief, and requesting he only write back in English. In the diaries, the boys talked about cooking, hair care, and chapel. On page four Nellie Cary (Apache) wrote on the recent snow fall. There was also an excerpt from Jaah Seger’s Diary (Arapahoe). He wrote about the arrival of John D. Miles, and his desire to work on the farm the next summer.

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