Male students as the "Braves' Chorus" in "The Captain of Plymouth", 1909

Group portrait of eight male students wearing costumes. They are the "Braves' Chorus," characters in the performance of the play, "The Captain of Plymouth," produced at the school from March 29-March 31, 1909. 

The program lists eleven students in the Braves Chorus: Ernest Quickbear, Lyford John, Thomas Rowland, George Gates, David Oldman (also known as David Little Oldman), Albert Duster, Wilford Minthorn, Charles Warbonnet, David Woundedeye, Bruce Goesback, and Benjamin Penny.

The Cumberland County Historical Society has another copy of this image: PA-CH3-112. 

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CCHS_Everett Strong Collection_14B-17-04
Everett Strong, Carlisle, PA