Fifty-Five Reports on Leave of Absence

September 20-30, 1904

W. A. Mercer forwards fifty-five reports on leave of absence and seven applications for leave of absence for fifty-five employees: Mariette Wood (teacher), William Normast (instructor in tailoring), Nellie V. Robertson (clerk), Fanny G. Paull (teacher), Frances R. Scales (teacher), Jeannette L Senseney (music teacher), W. S. Dysert (instructor in shoemaking), E. H. Colegrove (teacher), E. G. Sprow (instructor in tinsmithing), Charles H. Carns (instructor in painting), Johnson Bradley (fireman), Genus E. Baird (assistant printer), W. B. Beitzel (clerk), Anne H. Stewart (sloyd teacher), Oella C. Munch (assistant matron), Clara L. Smith (teacher), Agnes May Robbins (teacher), Kate S. Bowersox (assistant principal and normal teacher), Sadie E. Newcomer (teacher), Fannie I. Peter (clerk), Carrie E. Weekley (matron), W. Grant Thompson (disciplinarian), M. S. Barr (nurse), Jas C. Scott (teacher), Fred W. Canfield (drawing teacher), Ella G. Hill (laundry manager), Florence M. Carter (teacher), Hattie M. McDowell (teacher), Emma H. Foster (teacher), Enoch M. Sherry (teacher), Mabel B. Sherry (teacher), Cora B. Hawk (teacher), Minnie L. Ferree (assistant matron), Sadie F. Robertson (teacher), W. H. Miller (financial clerk), Ed. A. Lau (instructor in carriagemaking), Joanna R. Speer (assistant matron), John A. Herr (assistant carpenter), Mary A. Yarnall (music teacher), Frances A. Veitch (assistant matron), Bessie B. Beach (librarian), M. I. Zeigler (instructor in harness-making), Goliath Bigjim (baker), E. Corbett (assistant seamstress), Susan Zeamer (assistant seamstress), Emma G. Sky (assistant clerk), Effie Moul (assistant matron), Ida Swallow (assistant clerk), Mary E. Lininger (assistant seamstress), Margaret O. Eckert (assistant seamstress), M. Burgess (superintendent of printing), Emma A. Cutter (senior teacher), A. H. Murtoff (instructor in blacksmithing), Bertha Canfield (seamstress), and Margaret Roberts (matron). 

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Standard Forms & Transactions
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 2612, 1904-#66191
Fifty-Five Reports on Leave of Absence