The Carlisle Indian Industrial School is a major site of memory for many Native peoples, as well as a source of study for students and scholars around the globe. This website represents an effort to aid the research process by bringing together, in digital format, a variety of resources that are physically preserved in various locations around the country. Through these resources, we seek to increase knowledge and understanding of the school and its complex legacy, while also facilitating efforts to tell the stories of the many thousands of students who were sent there.

Students Guarding the Front Gate, c.1905

Recent News & Updates

Introducing Improved Browse Pages

Browse pages for Student Files, Images, Publications, and Lists & Rosters now include additional functionality to better support research and exploration. Users can now customize how many records are displayed per page, as well as their sort order. For instance…

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Dickinson Magazine - Summer  2014

The Summer 2014 issue of Dickinson Magazine includes an article that features the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center. In “Reclaiming History,”…

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The Team at Work

On a thankfully uneventful Friday the 13th, another team of Dickinson researchers drove to Washington, D.C., to continue scanning student files at the National Archives (NARA). Three student interns - Linda Genser, Rachel Kruchten, and Michele Metcalf - as well as…

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Screenshot - NAISA Conference in Austin

Project co-leaders Susan Rose and Malinda Triller Doran will travel to Austin, TX to give a presentation about the Digital Resource Center at the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) Conference held May 28-31.  NAISA is the "premiere…

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Carlisle Indian Printers, c1888

We are pleased to add a new photograph to our collection of Carlisle Indian School images, thanks to the generosity of James Herster.  This photograph depicts a group of 15 student printers in school uniforms circa 1888.  This image, along with the names…

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Image Collection webpage

We are pleased to announce the launching of new search pages to the website. Visitors to this Carlisle Indian School site now have the ability to search more specifically within each individual content type rather than…

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New Project Homepage

In order to make the "recent news & updates" section of our website easy to find, and in order to make the appearance of the site more visually appealing, we have launched an update to the look of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School project homepage. We now…

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Tessa, Katie, and Caitlin at the National Archives

For two weeks in mid-January, a second group of researchers undertook a trip to the National Archives in Washington, DC to continue scanning the student files of those who attended the Carlisle Indian School. Tessa Cicak and Katie Walters, special projects…

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Indian Country Today

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School digital humanities project received some attention recently, and comments and questions from new visitors to the project’s website have been rolling in ever since. The interest was sparked by…

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