Second Research Trip to National Archives

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For two weeks in mid-January, a second group of researchers undertook a trip to the National Archives in Washington, DC to continue scanning the student files of those who attended the Carlisle Indian School. Tessa Cicak and Katie Walters, special projects assistants at the Waidner-Spahr Library, and Caitlin Moriarty, Friends of the Library Intern in the College Archives, were able to scan 1,550 more student files comprising more than 16,000 pages of documentation. After adding these to what was completed during last summer's research trip, almost half of the student files have now been scanned.

Tessa, Katie, and Caitlin enjoyed the experience of traveling to D.C. and doing research in the beautiful reading room of the National Archives. Throughout the fall, all three had contributed to expanding the Indian School website and processing student files. They were pleased to have this opportunity to gain an even greater understanding of the scope of the project and the Carlisle Indian School as a whole. The picture here shows the research team busily scanning documents from the student files.