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The Student Records section features digitized copies of paper records on individual students at the school. These records were maintained by the administrative offices at the school during its operation. A variety of information about each student may be found within these files, including family background and age as well as admission and discharge dates. School activities, health, outings, and post-departure activities are also frequently noted. Individuals may have multiple sets of records associated with them.

A guide to the types of documents typically found in the student records can be found here [PDF]. Today these records are preserved at the U. S. National Archives within Record Group 75, Entry numbers 1327 through 1330.

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Date of Entry Nation
Ella Hippy Student File Cheyenne
Chester Arthur (Chastine) Student Information Card Cheyenne
John Primaux Student Information Card Ponca
Fred Smith Student File Ponca
Cora Eyre Student Information Card Pawnee, Pawnee (Pitahawirata)
Fred Smith Student Information Card Ponca
Henry North Student File Arapahoe, Arapaho
Joseph Bobtail Student Information Card Cheyenne
Beau Niel Student Information Card Arapahoe, Arapaho
Oscar Bull Bear Student File Cheyenne
Pankin (Singer) Student Information Card Comanche
Henry North Student Information Card Arapaho, Arapahoe
Thomas Carlisle Student File Cheyenne
Lizzie Walton Student Information Card Pawnee, Pawnee (Chaui)
Edward Myers Student Information Card Pawnee, Pawnee (Kitkehahki)
Curtis (Good Blanket) Student File Cheyenne
Abraham Lincoln Student Information Card Cheyenne
John D. Miles Student Information Card Cheyenne
Richard Davis Student File Cheyenne
Samuel Townsend Student Information Cards Pawnee, Pawnee (Skidi)
Mohavito (Black Kettle) Student Information Card Cheyenne
Lucius Aitsan (Cute) Student File Kiowa
Minnie Yellow Bear Student Information Cards Arapahoe, Arapaho
Leah Roadtraveller Student Information Cards Arapaho, Arapahoe
Alfred Brown (Na'koya'ta) Student File Cheyenne