The School News (Vol. 2, No. 3)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
August 1881
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The August edition opens with an article on the need to be useful the Carlisle Children feel, and how badly the writer felt when unable to work while sick. It continued onto page four. Page two brings Samuel Townsend (Pawnee) stepping down as editor with Charles Kihega (Iowa) taking his place. There is also pieces on the possibility of moving Carlisle School to Kansas, the need for more Indian schools, and hogs lost in translation.

Page three lists student happenings, which included the girl’s dorm getting another level, the boys and girls away at farms returning, and the girls learning how to sew their own dresses and mend shirts. The fourth page has the final paragraph of the article from the first page, along with a piece from Justine La Fromboise titled “The Girls Take a Walk Out to the Farm” in which she describes her visit and watching the boys work. It also has a letter from John Menaul (Pueblo) on the death of his friend and fellow student, Frank Crushing (Pueblo).

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