The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 44)

Carlisle, PA
June 21, 1889
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The first page opened with a poem by Fannie Bolton titled “It is Time,” followed by “The Experience of a Bull: A Child’s Version of the Recent Flood at Lewistown,” followed by “A Busy Indian Boy in the Country” which was Wallace Scott’s (Pueblo) description of his farm experience in Bucks County. Page two featured a notice of the new premium for newspaper subscriptions titled “A Most Interesting Photograph,” along with “Why Point to a Black Bear,” that criticized a missionary’s derogatory report about Paul Black Bear (Sioux), a returned Carlisle student from the Pine Ridge Agency.

Page three’s items included news of Frances Sparhawk’s visit, Alice Cornelius’ (Oneida) and sister, Lilly Cornelius’ (Oneida) return to Wisconsin, Samuel Townsend’s (Pawnee) and Henry Kendall’s (Pueblo) summer assignments at the school and a report that described Daniel Westerman’s (Sioux) bravery as he averted a carriage accident by reigning in a runaway horse. Page four showed several positive reviews of this newspaper from “They Like the Indian Helper,” a complimentary report by Cotton Wood’s (Apache) employer titled “Cotton Wood Equal to an Emergency,” “Cigarettes Killed him,” about a death in Philadelphia from cigarettes and the weekly puzzles titled “Puzzles” and “Conundrum.”

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