The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 28)

Carlisle, PA
March 1, 1889
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The first page began with a poem titled, “This Life is What We Make It,” followed by a letter from Samuel Townsend (Pawnee) about school life at Marietta College. The second page included news from letters from former students and an excerpted speech from Thomas Metoxen (Oneida).

Among the brief items on page three was a report that baby Eunice Suison was dangerously ill. There was also an account of visitors from the Institute of the Blind in Philadelphia, news of frozen pipe problems in the steam room, a tug-of-war against Dickinson College boys, and news that four new states had been added to the Union. Those states were North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington Territory. Page four featured “The Right Kind of Boys,” who knew how to work as a team; a description of “The Indian Helper,” reprinted from Now and Then; and a word scramble of “Pied Names of Things We Have to Eat.”

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