The Indian Helper (Vol. 1, No. 36)

Carlisle, PA
April 16, 1886
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The first page opened with a poem titled "There's Danger," about the evils of drink. Next appeared "In an Indian Camp: How to Cook Beans," adapted from the Cheyenne Transporter newspaper, about cleaning cooking utensils before using them. The article continued on page four. Page two included "The Work of the Blind" that described samples of handiwork and crafts created by children at the Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind in Philadelphia, where Manuel Romero recently enrolled. Page two also included an "Enigma," and a report called "The Right Spirit for a Girl on a Farm."

Page three featured several short news items that included a piece about school girls learning to jump rope, the imminent arrival of a new press for the print shop, and an I.U. Debating Club report that asked the question whether Indian lands should be sold to whites or Indians along with a speech on temperance. There was a report about Timber Yellow Robe (Sioux) living on a farm in Bucks County and a short poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe called "The Moment." Page four included a letter from the Rosebud Sioux Agency reporting activities of returned students and a letter "From the Indian Territory" written by former student Sarah Crowell (Creek) who asked for recipes for meat and custard pies.

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