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Clement Seanilzay (Se-an-il-zay) Student Information Card

Student information card of Clement Seanilzay (Se-an-il-zay), a member of the Apache Nation, who entered the school on November 4, 1886 and departed on September 19, 1895.

Repository: National Archives and Records Administration
Group of Chiricahua Apaches arrive in Carlisle, 1886

The handwritten note reads: Chiricahua Apaches as they arrived at Carlisle from Fort Marion, Florida, November 4th, 1886.

Humphrey Eseharzay, Samson Noran, Hugh Chee, Bishop Eatennah, Basil Ekarden, Ernest Hogee, Clement Seanilzay, [Beatrice?] Kiahtel, Janette...

Format: Photographic Print, B&W
Repository: Dickinson College Archives & Special Collections
Wood Nashozey and three male Apache students, c.1890

Studio portrait of Wood Nashozey and three unidentified male Apache students (all wearing school uniforms).  The small boy in the center may be Ambrose Chachu.

Note: A researcher has identified Wood Nashozey as sitting at left, standing is Clement Seanilzay, sitting at right is Frederick...

Format: Glass Plate Negative
Repository: National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Descriptive Statement of Pupils for Chiricahua Apache Prisoners-of-War, 1886
November 1-9, 1886

These materials include a cover letter and Descriptive Statement of Pupils regarding 37 Chiricahua Apache prisoners-of-war transferred to the Carlisle Indian School from Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida, where a larger group of Geronimo's band remained imprisoned. The 37 individuals...

Format: Letters/Correspondence, Reports
Repository: National Archives and Records Administration
Correspondence Regarding the Return of Apache Students
July 25, 1895 - September 24, 1895

Correspondence regarding a request from Apache prisoners of war for the return of their children from the Carlisle Indian School. Included in the correspondence are various recommendations for the students as well as Richard Henry Pratt's philosophy in educating the Apache students and his views...

Format: Letters/Correspondence
Repository: National Archives and Records Administration
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