Industrial Training - Laundry

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The Indian Helper (Vol. 1, No. 19)
December 18, 1885

The first page opened with a poem titled “For the Boys,” followed by a description of “Loafing” observed by the Man-on-the-band-stand among the boys on campus. There was also a feature, “200,000,000" that tallied up the time it would take to become as rich as Mr. Vanderbilt. Page two reported severe weather in Michigan, a request for a lost…

Cumberland County Historical Society
Letter Retained Informing Pratt Duties of Three Positions Should be Distributed
April 1, 1897

Letter retained in the Department from C. N. Bliss, Secretary of the Department of the Interior, to Richard Henry Pratt that informs him the duties of the Assistant Seamstress and Assistant Laundress positions should be distributed among other employees and incorporated as a part of the industrial training of the students.

National Archives and Records Administration