The School News (Vol. 3, No. 1)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
June 1882
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On the first page Justine A. LaFromboise describes her trip to Carlisle, explaining how her father convinced her to go get an education. The story continues on page four. On page two Ellis B. Childers (Creek) explained that he will be the editor while Charles Kihega (Iowa) visits home. C. Kihega examines the misconceptions whites and Indians have about each other. Mr. Teller, Secretary of the Interior, visited and told students who wanted to return home that they hadn’t learned enough yet.

On page three the return of the Sioux students to their home were discussed. Only six students, Maggie Stands Looking, Luther Standing Bear, Edgar G. Squirrel, Robert, Clarence, and Frank Twiss (here Twist) remained. Mattie Reed (Pueblo) wrote to his teacher, who had had a stiff neck the day before, telling of his day. On page four the story from the first page continued. She describes meeting Chinese people for the first time, traveling through Pittsburgh, and seeing other Indian children. Jock Bull Bear wrote a letter to his friend thanking him for helping to make Bull Bear a good Christian.

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