The Red Man (Vol. 2, No. 8)

Carlisle, PA
April 1910
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The first article, written by Franz Boas, discussed "Methods in Indian Woodwork." Frank C. Churchill wrote about a council of Ponca, lead by Chief White Eagle and gave an account of the speeches made at the council. Next an article, pulled from the New York Tribune, reported on the improving conditions of Indians across the United States. Next, Louisa Kenney told the Klamath tale of "Why The Rabbit is Timid." R. G. Valentine wrote about the reorganization of the Indian Office. Next, appeared a poem entitled "Years Agone." The following article, written by Moses Friedman, highlights the accomplishments of Carlisle student, Charles E. Dagenett. Dagenett became the Supervisor of Indian Affairs. Next appeared an account of the Sac and Fox Medicine Dance by Fannie Keokuk. Next, appeared an Arickaree creation myth, written by Stella Bear, followed by Adeline Greenbrier's telling of "The Legend of Pond Lilies." The General Comment and News Notes section covered conditions for Indians in Canada and illicit liquor trafficking. Lastly appeared brief descriptions of the lives of ex-students and graduate and services changes for the month of December. 

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SC-Indian 973.0497 R312 v.2 no.8