Request for Admission of Two Cherokee Students

Request for Admission of Two Cherokee Students
May 31, 1910 - July 20, 1910

Acting Supervisor Elsie E. Newton from Muskogee, Oklahoma asks Carlisle Indian School Superintendent Moses Friedman if "two Cherokee boys" from the "unrestricted class of Indians" could attend his school and how much it would cost. Friedman sends two applications to Newton and informs her that board and tuition costs $167 and that the potential students would have to pay for their transportation.

Friedman encloses his and Newton's letters to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and asks if the two Cherokees could enroll in the school. He references the fact that, under certain conditions, children with white parents, as well as Puerto Rican and Filipino students have been admitted. Second Assistant Commissioner tells Friedman that he can admit the Cherokees.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #46099-1910-Carlisle-820