Report on Leave of Absences for Fiscal Year 1892-1893

March 10, 1893

Richard Henry Pratt sends the Commissioner of Indian Affairs a report on leave of absences taken by numerous employees during the fiscal year 1892-1893: A. J. Standing, C. R. Dixon, C. H. Hepburn, W. G. McConkey, A. S. Ely, W. P. Campbell, M. Burgess, E. L. Fisher, E. A. Cutter, M. E. B. Phillips, F. G. Paull, A. C. Hamilton, and D. F. Botsford, F. M. Carter, L. L. Hunt, C. A. Merritt, A. S. Luckenbach, C. C. Cory, J. J. Cochran, L. R. Shaffner, C. C. McAdam, N. J. Campbell, A. B. Moore, M. E. Campbell, L. B. Given, A. M. Worthington, A. M. Seabrook, L. A. Bender, H. A. Lord, C. Anthony, F. W. Noble, L. C. Jacobs, C. Caryl, S. A. Babb, A. M. True, A. R. Jordon, R. M. Jamison, A. Souder, F. Goodyear, O. T. Harris, A. W. Walker, G. W. Kemp, W. H. Morrett, S. A. Jordon, Isaac Forney, G. Foulk, P. Norman, L. Johnson, T. S. Reighter, W. R. Claudy, Deenison Wheelock, E. Corbett, M. E. Lininger, F. Everett, and C. Y. Robe.

Pratt also advises the Commissioner of the employees who had no absences since July 1, 1892: M. Burgess, O. Harlan, G. Getz, A. Kensler, R. Bourassa, J. B. Harris, I. D. Rudy, R. Hamilton, C. F. Thompson, M. E. Brown, E. Schanandore, R. Davis, J. Walker, J. S. Maddux, W. B. Weitzel, M. J. Gutelius, E. R. Gutelius, P. Howell, G. Williamson, and H. Gardner. 

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 964, 1893-#10550
Report on Leave of Absences for Fiscal Year 1892-1893