Forty-Six Reports of Leave Absence Taken by Employees

Forty-Six Reports of Leave Absence Taken by Employees
September 23, 1901

Richard H. Pratt forwards forty-six reports on leaves of absence taken by employees: Sadie E. Newcomer (teacher), Margaret Roberts (teacher), Josephine R. Walter (teacher), M. Burgess (superintendent of printing), Dora M. Peters (assistant laundress), Etta S. Fortney (assistant laundress), Ella Albert (assistant laundress), Jennie Wolf (assistant laundress), Beckie L. Goodyear (assistant seamstress), Mattie A. Harn (laborer), Bertha Canfield (seamstress), W. H. Miller (treasurer students' funds), W. B. Beitzel (clerk), George E. Snyder (laborer), George E. Hollenbaugh (laborer), Oliver Harlan (assistant farmer), Malcolm W. Odell (small boys' manager), Kittie Odell (assistant matron), O. T. Harris (blacksmith), Minnie L. Ferree (domestic science teacher), Mariette Wood (teacher), Jessie L. McIntire (teacher), Annie B. Moore (music teacher), Clara L. Smith (teacher), Lida Jones (teacher), Jeannette L. Senseney (music teacher), Nellie V. Robertson (clerk), Anne H. Stewart (sloyd teacher), Rosa B. Brown (assistant matron), E. Corbett (assistant seamstress), Susan Zeamer (assistant seamstress), W. I. Zeigler (harnessmaker), Kate S. Bowersox (teacher), Phil Norman (painter), Fanny G. Paull (teacher), Agnes May Robbins (teacher), Paul A. Walter (tailor), Effie Moul (assistant matron), Ed. A. Lau (carriagemaker), Lizzie C. Jacobs (assistant seamstress), Sine Marie Van der Mey (assistant cook), Jessie W. Cook (teacher), Dora S. Dutton (teacher), Elizabeth E. Forster (drawing teacher), Edith McHarg Steele (librarian), Emma A. Cutter (senior teacher).

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 1982, 1901-#52713