Descriptive Statement of Changes in School Employees, July 1891

July 10, 1891

Major Richard H. Pratt submits a report that lists all employees (A. J. Standing, C. R. Dixon, C. H. Hepburn, W. G. McConkey, L. A. Bendes, A. S. Luckenbach, E. L. Fisher, Emma A. Cutter, Anna C. Hamilton, Mary H. Cooke, M. C. B. Phillips, Fanny G. Paull, Della F. Botsford, Clara C. McAdam, Florence M. Carter, Lillie Ruth Shaffner, Lydia L Hunt, C. A. Merritt, Lillian L. Woolston, Jennie P. Cochrane, N. J. Cambell, Annie B. Moore, W. P. Campbell, J. Brainerd Wolf, Stacy Matlack, A. S. Ely, M. Burgess, Lydia E. Dittes, Maud B. Cummins, Lida B. Given, Mary E. Campbell, Alice M. Seabrook, A. M. Worthington, Jane R. Dawson, E. Corbett, Lizzie C. Jacobs, Mary E. Lininger, Fisk Goodyear, Fanny W. Noble, Clara Anthony, Annie Sonder, Annie R. Jordan, C. F. Thompson, R. M. Jamison, Mary E. Brown, O. T Harris, H. Gardner, A. Woods Walker, George W. Kemp, W. H. Morrett, Oliver Harlan, Samuel A. Jordan, Isaac Forney, Edwin Schanadore, George Foulk, A. Norris B. F. Bennett, Anna F. Bennett, Joshua B. Harris, Ben Come Up-Hill) working at the school for the 1891 fiscal year. These reports include personal information about those being hired as well as reasons for departure for those leaving.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 751, 1891-#24648
Descriptive Statement of Changes in School Employees, July 1891