Allegedly Fraudulent "Carlisle Indian Base Ball Club"

Allegedly Fraudulent "Carlisle Indian Base Ball Club"
April 23 - August 16, 1916

This document contains two newspaper clippings and a poster from the "Carlisle Indian Base Ball Club," a cross country-tour baseball team led by Kate J. Becker. It also features correspondence between Carlisle Indian School Superintendent Oscar H. Lipps, Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs E. B. Merritt, Acting Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs C. F. Hauke, Chicago Indian Warehouse Superintendent Frank Sorenson, and Hotel Deming employee C. E. Baker.

The primary focus is Lipps' argument that the team has no affiliation with the school and would like them to be charged with fraud or otherwise forced to disband by the Department of Justice. The Bureau of Indian Affairs directs Lipps and Sorenson to find more information since there is no evidence to prove or disprove that the players are former Carlisle students. After Sorenson informs the Bureau that the team had disbanded, the Bureau decides not to pursue the matter any further.

Time Period: 
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #48215-1916-Carlisle-750