The Carlisle Indian Industrial School is a major site of memory for many Native peoples, as well as a source of study for students and scholars around the globe. This website represents an effort to aid the research process by bringing together, in digital format, a variety of resources that are physically preserved in various locations around the country. Through these resources, we seek to increase knowledge and understanding of the school and its complex legacy, while also facilitating efforts to tell the stories of the many thousands of students who were sent there.

Edgar Moore and Unidentified Athletic Team, c.1908 Blackfeet Indians at Commencement Week, 1910 Alumni Hall, c.1908 Group of Indian Boys, 1899 Carpenter Shop and Tailoring Department, 1909 Gym Class, #2, c.1905 Marching into School Room, 1910 Gym Class, #1, c.1905 Indian School Band and Girls Quarters, 1909 Group of Indian Girls, 1899 Instruction Buildings, c.1908 Wounded Yellow Robe, Timber Yellow Robe, and Henry Standing Bear, #1 [before] Wounded Yellow Robe, Timber Yellow Robe, and Henry Standing Bear [after] Students sit outside the Girls Quarters

Recent News & Updates

October 3, 2018
New Student Records Section Launched

We are excited to announce a new and improved way of searching and browsing student records!

The new Student Records page combines the best elements from our previous two pages, Student Files and Student Files (Advanced), into a seamless browse and search platform. Use the search box at the top right of the screen to find individual student records, or browse through over 15,000 records simultaneously using the Explore Student Records table further down the screen. The tabs running across the top of the screen provide even more browsing options, customized by Date of Entry,...

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July 18, 2018
Summer Digitization Trip to the National Archives

Five members of the Dickinson College Archives team recently started the latest in a series of digitization trips to the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

George Gilbert '19, Julia Bray '19, and Library Digital Projects Manager Don Sailer '09 are joined by project consultants Blair Williams and Frank Vitale '16 for a two week trip to scan administrative documents related to the operation of the Carlisle Indian School.  The team is looking forward to discovering more about Carlisle through this records series.

May 24, 2018
Carlisle Indian School Teaching Kit

Thanks to a generous grant from the NHPRC, the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center has developed a teaching kit for use in schools, libraries, and other educational institutions in the United States. The teaching kit is comprised of color facsimile reproductions of a variety of photographs, newspapers, and booklets dating from the years of the school’s operation, 1879 to 1918. A full inventory of the materials included in the teaching kit is available here, along with PDF copies of each of the items so that you can preview the content and even download your own copies, if desired. The contents of these teaching...

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