The Carlisle Indian Industrial School is a major site of memory for many Native peoples, as well as a source of study for students and scholars around the globe. This website represents an effort to aid the research process by bringing together, in digital format, a variety of resources that are physically preserved in various locations around the country. Through these resources, we seek to increase knowledge and understanding of the school and its complex legacy, while also facilitating efforts to tell the stories of the many thousands of students who were sent there.

Edgar Moore and Unidentified Athletic Team, c.1908 Blackfeet Indians at Commencement Week, 1910 Alumni Hall, c.1908 Group of Indian Boys, 1899 Carpenter Shop and Tailoring Department, 1909 Gym Class, #2, c.1905 Marching into School Room, 1910 Gym Class, #1, c.1905 Indian School Band and Girls Quarters, 1909 Group of Indian Girls, 1899 Instruction Buildings, c.1908 Wounded Yellow Robe, Timber Yellow Robe, and Henry Standing Bear, #1 [before] Wounded Yellow Robe, Timber Yellow Robe, and Henry Standing Bear [after] Students sit outside the Girls Quarters

Recent News & Updates

March 27, 2014
Carlisle Indian Printers, c1888
We are pleased to add a new photograph to our collection of Carlisle Indian School images, thanks to the generosity of James Herster.  This photograph depicts a group of 15 student printers in school uniforms circa 1888.  This image, along with the names and tribes of those pictured, is now available on our site.  We want to thank Mr. Herster for his generosity in donating this image to our collection.
March 24, 2014
Project Highlighted on ABC27 News
On Wednesday, March 12, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School digital project was a featured story on the local news. Reporter Alex Hoff, with Harrisburg TV station ABC27, interviewed several of the people involved in the project, including undergraduate interns Frank Vitale and Xueyin Zha, Professor Susan Rose, local historian Barbara Landis, and Native American storyteller Dovie Thomason. We’re thrilled to have caught the attention of one of our area news outlets, and we want to thank Alex Hoff for helping to share the story of this project with our local audience.
March 11, 2014
Image Collection webpage
We are pleased to announce the launching of new search pages to the website. Visitors to this Carlisle Indian School site now have the ability to search more specifically within each individual content type rather than only being able to search across the entire online collection. These new search capabilities are available for the Student Files, the Images, and the Publications. Just click on any of those three links from the navigation bar on the left, and you will see the new layout. The right side of the screen features a search box that combines keyword searching with additional options to limit your results by categories such as nation, date, or content format. The lower part of the screen will allow basic browsing using those same categories. (For broader searching, you may still... Read more