Carlisle Indian School Teaching Kits Available

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Thanks to a generous grant from the NHPRC, the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center has developed a teaching kit for use in schools, libraries, and other educational institutions in the United States. The teaching kit is comprised of color facsimile reproductions of a variety of photographs, newspapers, and booklets dating from the years of the school’s operation, 1879 to 1918. A full inventory of the materials included in the teaching kit is available here, along with PDF copies of each of the items so that you can preview the content and even download your own copies, if desired. The contents of these teaching kits also complement lesson plans and other materials available in the Teaching Resources section on this website.

The grant has provided funding for 250 teaching kits to be freely distributed to interested schools, libraries, and other educational and cultural organizations where people may be teaching about the Carlisle Indian School and the Indian boarding school movement. In order to request a free teaching kit to be mailed to your school, please complete the request form below. The materials for the kits are currently being printed, and we anticipate them being mailed out mid-summer so that they are available for use during the next school year.

UPDATE: All of the free teaching kits have been distributed. Due to demand, we have printed additional teaching kits, which are available for purchase through the Dickinson College Bookstore website.

Please feel free to share this announcement with any school, library, or other educational institution that may be interested in purchasing a teaching kit, and direct any questions to