Project Participants

Project Co-Directors, Dickinson College
Jim Gerencser College Archivist
Susan Rose Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology and Director of the Community Studies Center
Malinda Triller Doran Special Collections Librarian
Project Partners
Cara Holtry Curtis Library & Archives Manager (Cumberland County Historical Society)
Jacqueline Fear-Segal Professor, School of Art, Media and American Studies (University of East Anglia)
Barbara Landis Carlisle Indian School Biographer (Cumberland County Historical Society)
Sharon O'Brien James Hope Caldwell Professor of American Cultures (Dickinson College)
Dovie Thomason Lakota, Kiowa Apache Storyteller and Author of “The Spirit Survives”
Library and Information Services Staff, Dickinson College
Ryan Burke Web Development Specialist
Tessa Cicak ’13 Library Special Projects Assistant
Katie Clark ’12 Library Special Projects Assistant & Friends of the Library Intern
Kacee Cooke ’11 Friends of the Library Intern
Caitlin Moriarty ’13 Friends of the Library Intern
Don Sailer ’09 Library Digital Projects Manager
Smith Suri ’13 Friends of the Library Intern
Frank Vitale '16 Library Digital Projects Assistant & Friends of the Library Intern
Technical Consultants
Pierce Bounds ’71 Photographer
Krista Gray ’09 Archival Operations and Reference Specialist (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Blair Williams Media Specialist (Cumberland County Historical Society)
Undergraduate Contributors
Meghan Abercrombie ’15 Spring 2015; Post-Grad Assistant, Summer 2015
Justine Cenzer ’18 (Mellon Intern) Term, 2015-2016
Michelle Clinger ’16 Summer 2015
Daniel Duchaine '18 Summer 2016; Spring 2017
Matt Ferry ’17 (Mellon Intern) Summer 2015
Linda Genser ’17 (Mellon Intern) Summer 2014; Term, 2014-2015; Spring 2016; Summer 2016; Term, 2016-2017
George Gilbert '19 Summer 2017; Term, 2017-2018
Paige Hamilton '17 (Mellon Intern) Summer 2016
Marie Holden ’15 Summer 2013
Luke Kang ’16 Summer 2015
Fiona Keane '19 (Mellon Intern) Summer 2016
Lily Key Summer 2013
Rachel Kruchten ’16 (Mellon Intern) Summer 2014; Summer 2015
Michele Metcalf ’16 (Mellon Intern) Summer 2014; Term, 2014-2015
Lilia Moussavi ’18 (Mellon Intern) Term, 2015-2016; Term, 2016-2017
Joelle Paull ’17 (Mellon Intern) Term, 2014-2015; Summer 2015; Fall 2015; Term, 2016-2017
Stephanie Read ’16 (Mellon Intern) Term, 2013-2014; Fall 2014
Ashley Tucewicz ’19 Spring 2017
Frank Vitale ’16 (Mellon Intern) Summer 2013; Term, 2013-2014; Term, 2015-2016; Summer 2016
Steven Wang ’16 Summer 2013
Joseph Williams Summer 2013
Xueyin Zha ’16 (Mellon Intern) Summer 2013
Ariel Caruso ‘14 Summer 2014
Support Provided By
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation