Cemetery Information Resource Launched

Date of Post

The Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center team would like to share a new resource, simply titled Cemetery Information. This resource aims to support the research of descendants, scholars, and others interested in the history of the Carlisle Indian School cemetery by providing easy access to a wide range of primary source documents about the cemetery and the Carlisle Indian School students interred there.

There is an individual page entry for each person interred (including those who lack a named headstone in the modern cemetery), and each page entry includes basic information about the person's name, Nation, and date of decease. Each page also includes a collection of primary source materials, attached as a PDF file, about the person's death and burial. You can browse or search these pages using the interactive table on the Cemetery Information homepage.

Also included in Cemetery Information are a number of resources about the cemetery space, including an interactive aerial map of the modern cemetery, downloadable tables comparing headstone inscriptions with recorded data, and a number of maps and a brief history of the original and modern cemeteries.

If you have any questions or comments, please consult our Research Methodology, or contact us using the email address on the left sidebar.