Maggie Wahyahnetah Student File

Student file of Maggie Wahyahnetah, a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee, who entered the school on October 22, 1914 and departed on May 10, 1917. A note in the file says that she re-enrolled on October 14, 1917, but no final departure date is given. The file contains student information cards, applications for enrollment, a medical/physical record, a federal financial aid form, outing evaluations, an outing record, financial transactions, a certificate of promotion, and correspondence.

Note: One of Maggie Wahyahnetah's documents was originally found in the folder of another student; Cynthia Cornelius, NARA_RG 75_Series 1327_box 126_folder 5029.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Series 1327, box 125, folder 5009
Maggie Wahyahnetah Student File