The School News (Vol. 2, No. 2)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
July 1881
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The entire first page is a letter from Virginia Oequa (Kiowa) to her teacher Miss H, sent after she left Carlisle to work on a farm for a few weeks. She sent her love and explained the pride she took in her work. Page two had two articles on the shooting of President James Garfield, written by Samuel Townsend (Pawnee) and Robert W. Stewart (Creek). It also has a small article on the shame lazy Indian girls and boys should feel.

Page 3 had a list of various things the students did over the month, such as washing windows and making sheets. There was also a piece about several of the boys working on building the hospital, including Michael Burns (Apache) and Joe Gunn (Ponca). The final page opened with Ruth Mather (Sioux) discussing her trip to Philadelphia. Several other girls, such as Celia Pickard (Wichita) and Julia Bent (Cheyenne) also added their comments on the trip. Maggie Stands Looking (Sioux) wrote about her work on the farm she was on and how she prayed to god each night.

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