Garfield, James Abram

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The School News (Vol. 2, No. 2)
July 1881

The entire first page is a letter from Virginia Oequa (Kiowa) to her teacher Miss H, sent after she left Carlisle to work on a farm for a few weeks. She sent her love and explained the pride she took in her work. Page two had two articles on the shooting of President James Garfield, written by...

Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society
Sioux Chiefs Protest Deaths of their Children and Ask President Garfield for Local School
May 23, 1881

A Council of Sioux Chiefs including Spotted Tail, Two Strike, White Thunder, and Swift Bear from the Rosebud Agency writes to President James A. Garfield to protest the deaths of their children at Carlisle and asks for a local school in order to educate their children along with teachers. U.S....

Format: Letters/Correspondence
Repository: National Archives and Records Administration
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