School News (Vol. 1, No. 1)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
June 1880
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The first article by M. D. P. [Mason D. Pratt] describes a field trip to an iron forge near Pine Grove, followed by a picnic at the grove with the students, teachers, visiting chiefs, the college band and some invited guests. “An Indian Boy's Camp Life,” by Henry C. Roman Nose, gives a short account of his activities growing up. An "Editorial" explains that the purpose of this paper is to share writings by "Indians boys." Following is an account of visitors from Harrisburg to the school and their interest in the student newspapers, planning for the summer camp excursion, and the arrival of a new student printer, Ellis Kauque. 

The third page consists of very short items about events at the school, such as musical performances by the Coleman sisters, how students are doing in their industrial training, the travel of employees, and the weekly prayer meetings and recitations. Page four included a speech by Charles Ohetoint, encouraging his fellow students to “follow the white man’s road” because “that way is better for you” and a letter from an apprentice [Samuel Townsend] about working in the Printing Department. The last item is a letter from student Frank Twiss (here Twist) referring to Spotted Tail's removal of his children from the school. 

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