The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 39)

Carlisle, PA
May 6, 1887
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The Indian Helper opened with a poem titled “A New Citizen,” written by Elsie Fuller (Omaha) who was a student at Hampton Institute, reprinted from “Talks and Thoughts.” The next article was an explanation of the Dawes Act written by Sen. Henry Dawes and titled “THE LAND IN SEVERALTY BILL MADE EASY TO UNDERSTAND.” Page two was taken up with articles about rebuilding the boys’ quarters on the north end of the campus beginning with “A LITTLE CLOUD WITH A SILVER LINING,” that described the process of purchasing bricks as a means of raising money for the building fund. Laura Pratt received a letter from Etahdleuh (Kiowa) with news from Oklahoma, and a list of students sent to Outing Homes appeared on the page.

Page three listed many short items about students, former students, naming the newly arrived Apaches from Florida, bathing arrangements for the boys during the construction of their new dormitory, a gift of bananas from St. Augustine, Florida, and advice to students from Francis LaFlesche (Omaha) who visited from the Indian Office in Washington, D.C. The fourth page opened with answers to the questions “Do the Indians really know anything of the practice of medicine,” and “Is it an Indian custom to mount a horse from the off side?” followed by a contest titled “A BASE BALL: For the Indian Boy now at our School who will Write the Best Answers to the Following Questions.” The questions listed asked for answers to various street names in the borough of Carlisle. The page concluded with the “Puzzle Corner” and a reprint from “Ex,” titled “EVERY DAY A LITTLE.”

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