Eadle Keatah Toh (Vol. 1, No. 9)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
March 1881
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[Note: Although the front page gives the date of printing as March 1880, this issue came out in March 1881.]

Page one had a list of requests to the United States President from W. E. Dodge, Howard Crosby, John Hall, S. M. Moore, W m. C. Gray, S. It. Riggs, and T. M. Sinclair, making several requests, such as asking for titles to their land and for Indians to have more defined protection under the Law. Also on the page was an extremely racist story on the origins of the White man, Indian, and Black man and their places in society, ascribing their skin color to what degree they were able to clean their skin. Page two started with an article on how civilized various tribes are, with the ones closest to being completely civilized having the highest number of children in school. There was also several letters from various students addressed to Cap’t Pratt. Page three had the Home Items list, containing information on Cap’t M.C. Wilkinson visiting, the hypocrisy of government sanctioned murder and the completion of two farm wagons. The educational organization of the school’s departments was also discussed, as well as letter from students who had returned home. Page four had information about several Indian children from an Iowa school were relocated to Carlisle, as well as several children who were sent to Carlisle from the Zuni, Laguna, and San Felipe Pueblo Tribes. Information on the raiding parties in Texas were discussed, statistics on deaths, thefts, and participants were included.

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