Eadle Keatah Toh (Vol. 1, No. 12)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
July 1881
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Page one opened with a piece titled “The Future of the Red Indian,” reprinted from the London Spectator. This interesting article begins with the author describing the activities of the Carlisle Indian School for a British audience before then discussing his reaction to seeing photographs from the school. The second page had the report on the First Annual Examination of the Carlisle School. Over all the report was positive. Also on the page was an small article on the life and death of Rev. W.S. Robertson. In it a fire that destroyed the mission house was mentioned. Several boys and girls began to deposit their money into the Carlisle Deposit Bank to start saving up. Page three had the School Notes, which included the number of students on farms, the nurse, Miss Wilson, leaving for vacation and the placement of students for the summer. There was a piece by A.P. McKellop on “The Destiny of Our People.” Also on page three was a few small letters to Captain Pratt from students on what they learned at Carlisle. Page four had letters from several Sioux students to their families. They talk of their health, studies, trades, and more. There were also letters from Cheyenne students of a similar nature.

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