Reid, Laura M. S.

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The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 50)
August 2, 1889

The first page opened with a poem “Little Moccasined Feet,” followed by the article titled “How Did There Come to be Any Coal?” that described the origin of coal. Page two opened with “Small Beginnings,” a litany of how Benjamin Franklin, Columbus, and others had their origins. “How One Conquers,” followed by “Luck and Labor,” as well as…

Cumberland County Historical Society
Former Student Survey Responses, 1890 (Part 5 of 5)
June 20 - July 21, 1890

A series of nineteen letters written to Captain Richard H. Pratt in response to a questionnaire sent to former students. The accompanying questionnaire forms are not included.

Transcripts follow each handwritten letter.

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