The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 50)

Carlisle, PA
August 2, 1889
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The first page opened with a poem “Little Moccasined Feet,” followed by the article titled “How Did There Come to be Any Coal?” that described the origin of coal. Page two opened with “Small Beginnings,” a litany of how Benjamin Franklin, Columbus, and others had their origins. “How One Conquers,” followed by “Luck and Labor,” as well as several platitudes were also found on the page.

Page three included many short news blurbs about summer activities at the school along with a lengthy “News from Returned Students” that named many students in a report of what they were doing at home including George Nyruah and Constant Bread (Apaches), Laura Reid (Pueblo), Milly Bisnett and Frank Jannies (Sioux), Loomis Smith (Oneida), Paul Boynton (Arapaho), and Richard Wallace (Crow). The fourth page featured an advice article titled “Suppose,” followed by a letter from the McDougal Training Institution, Northwest Territory, called “A Pleasant Greeting.” Next came a couple of short fillers followed by the weekly “Enigma.”

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Cumberland County Historical Society