The Indian Helper (Vol. 1, No. 30)

Carlisle, PA
March 5, 1886
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The first page opened with a poem titled "Exhibition Night: By The-Man-on-the-Band-Stand's Wife." There were also several brief articles about high winds in Philadelphia, heavy snows in Quebec, the fate of a ship that ran aground during a voyage between Boston and Liverpool, a birthday party for Emperor William (Wilhelm I) of Germany, the competency of speed typesetter William Barnes, and the death of General Hancock. Page two included many short news briefs about Frederick Douglas, Pope Leo XIII's birthday celebration, Carlisle girls' hair styles, the effects of the recent frost in Florida and a taxi cab strike in New York City.

Page three contained a number of short news briefs. Among them was news that forty boys formed a new YMCA at the school, Miss Hickman gifted oranges to the boys in the hospital, the C.W. Girls' Literary Society held elections, and an Outing student contributed the week’s “Enigma.” Page four featured the Exhibitions report about student skits, music, essays, and speeches. Capt. Pratt lectured about his visit to a school for the blind and Miss Richards, visiting from the Hampton School, shared news about the Indian students there.

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