Douglas, Frederick

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The Indian Helper (Vol. 1, No. 30)
March 5, 1886

The first page opened with a poem titled "Exhibition Night: By The-Man-on-the-Band-Stand's Wife." There were also several brief articles about high winds in Philadelphia, heavy snows in Quebec, the fate of a ship that ran aground during a voyage between Boston and Liverpool, a birthday party for Emperor William (Wilhelm I) of Germany, the…

Cumberland County Historical Society
Annual Report of the Carlisle Indian School, 1894
August 25, 1894

Fifteenth Annual Report of the Carlisle Indian School for the 1893-1894 school year. Richard Henry Pratt provides an overview of the previous year focusing on both the academic and industrial training as well as the outing program. In addition, Pratt focuses on the Chicago World's Fair and Columbian Exposition which the School had an exhibit…

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