Labadie, Isidore

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The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 7)
September 28, 1888

The first page opened with an untitled poem warning of the evils of debt, followed by “Eet, Kit-E-Ko Give It To Me: A True Story,” about fictional Aunt Martha’s exasperation after generously giving away all her potatoes to hungry Pawnee women. The story continued on page four. Page two featured news of returned students along with one-sentence…

Cumberland County Historical Society
Descriptive Statement of Pupils Discharged to Multiple Agencies, 1888
July 7-11, 1888

These materials include a cover letter and a Descriptive Statement of Pupils regarding 61 individuals discharged from the Carlisle Indian School and transferred back to their homes in the San Carlos, Laguna, Wallace, Isleta, Quapaw, Eufaula, Omaha, Winnebago, Nez Perce, Crow, Kiowa and Comanche, Cheyenne and Arapaho, Ponca, Rosebud, and Pine…

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