Supplemental Report of Inspector E. B. Linnen for 1914 Investigation

March 23, 1914

Chief Inspector E. B. Linnen reports his findings from a follow-up visit to Carlisle for the 1914 investigation of the school. 

In the first section Linnen narrates his findings of further financial mismanagement includes having the government pay for transportation that students had already paid for out of their own funds, not reporting profits from the sale of old government property (Class 1 or 4 funds). He also presents more evidence of that the government and athletic association both paid for Friedman's transportation.

In the last third of the report Linnen describes how Claude Stauffer (band leader) and Anna Ridenour (matron) pressured Julia Hardin to undercut her own previous testimony in which she described an incident of corporal punishment. Linnen also forwards the letter signed by 55 male students asking for Glenn Warner to be removed from his job as Athletic Director.

In the report Linnen makes reference to evidence he gathered, labelling these exhibits in alphabetical order as the report progresses. Each of these exhibits can be found in the "1914 Congressional Investigation" topic tag.


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RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #10144-1914-Carlisle-154
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