Enrollment of Carlisle Students in Art School in Philadelphia

January 28, 1908 - February 26, 1914

Howard Fremont Stratton, Director of the Art Department at the School of Industrial Art of the Pennsylvania Museum, asks Commissioner of Indian Affairs Cato Sells why the Bureau of Indian Affairs does not pay the living expenses of Indian students, many of whom formerly attended Carlisle, accepted to his school. Stratton also forwards Sells an article that he wrote entitled "The Place of the Indian in Art."

Sells explains that the Bureau's goal is to educate Indians to the level of white Americans and to give them equal opportunity, not to continue to support them into adulthood or pay for advanced education.

The rest of the document contains correspondence about former Carlisle students enrolling in Stratton's art school, scholarships, and discussions about Carlisle or the Bureau paying for their expenses. Thomas Saul (Sioux) and Reuben Charles are two of these students.

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RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #11512-1908-Carlisle-820
Enrollment of Carlisle Students in Art School in Philadelphia