Correspondence Regarding 1914 Congressional Investigation

May 4, 1914 - October 25, 1918

These materials include correspondence and legal documents regarding the 1914 internal and Congressional investigations into Superintendent Moses Friedman and Chief Clerk Siceni J. Nori of the Carlisle Indian School. Included is copied and original correspondence regarding the resignation of Friedman and Nori, legal discussions regarding further action by the Department of Justice, subpoenas and requests for testimony for the Congressional hearings, memos regarding the findings of the investigations, attempts by Friedman and his supporters to undercut Nori and Chief Inspector E. B. Linnen, and discussions regarding Friedman's accounts and investigations by the Treasury Department.

These files were apparently copied and sent to the Treasury Department by the Auditor for the Department of the Interior a few years after the investigations. They were returned to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, explaining their presence in the National Archives correspondence files for that agency.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #29816-1914-Carlisle-150
Correspondence Regarding 1914 Congressional Investigation