Affidavit of Claude M. Stauffer (Main Report Exhibit C-1)

February 5, 1914

In this affidavit Claude Stauffer answers questions about whether he has any agricultural training, a 1913 incident wherein he beat a student, and the practice of having musical accompaniment for lowering the flag. After the affidavit itself is a document signed by the stenographer who took down the conversation, Beatrice Herman.

In Inspector Linnen's main report for the 1914 Congressional investigation at Carlisle, this document is labelled Exhibit C-1.

Note: This content is of a sensitive nature and reveals information about corporal punishment, which some readers may find troubling. 


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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #10144-1914-Carlisle-154
First page of typed affidavit, "Exhibit C-1" is hand-written in the top right corner